What Are The Opportunities For a Chartered Accountant in SAP?

The Germany based software solutions; SAP stands for “systems, applications & products” in Data processing and is the No.1 software solution providers throughout the industry. It provides services related to Data management and simplification of many other tasks. These software solutions by SAP was only used by large companies and enterprises whereas, with the increase in complicated forms of accountancy and in order to enhance the accounting efficiency, SAP is now widely used by small and medium sized enterprises as well.

CA professionals can opt for a rewarding opportunity by taking up a SAP accounting training or SAP FICO training. The term FICO stands for (FI) financial accounting and (CO) controlling. A professional can apply for the profile of a SAP Network Specialists, SAP FICO training for finance and accounting control, SAP Database Administrators, SAP Security consultants and many other job profiles. A SAP FICO course for CA unlocks many interesting job opportunities as a CA gets a hold over the subject of both accounting and managing via SAP training for Chartered Accountants.

SAP for CA

One can choose to be an SAP Consultant or to be into Core-finance team of an organization having SAP ERP or to be an SAP Auditor. Within SAP FI we have several sub-modules namely General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Accounting, Treasury (now a separate module), Taxation, Banking. Therefore, SAP FI takes care of accounting, year end adjustments, preparation of financial statements, tax computations etc.

Also as SAP is an international software solution brand, a SAP course for CA helps him acquire an accounting as well as a management skill recognized globally. Also, SAP for CA reduces the task to manage, implement and comply the result with the required accounting and taxation principles. SAP for CA would help him to efficiently work to his or her potential.

Cridor has been Awarded as one of the Top 10 IT and educational Training Providers” holding 3rd position over major countries by International Council of Studies for Second Consecutive Year, mainly in the field of Digital Marketing and IT training. At Cridor expert SAP consultants and chartered accountants train you to enhance your accountancy skills via SAP. They teach you every aspect that ranges from the uses and benefits of SAP to every possible way of utilising the SAP accountancy software solution. We have specially designed ERP SAP for CA to help them acquire the required knowledge regarding SAP FICO. The SAP training would be much beneficial if added to the following qualifications:

  • Interns: – SAP for CA intern would be beneficial as it would help him to audit and analyse client’s book. The SAP course would provide such an intern with a technical edge over other chartered accountants.
  • Semi-qualified:- SAP for CA student who is semi-qualified would help such a student to have an added advantage over other CA candidates who have only theoretical accounting knowledge and are unaware of the technical side of SAP accountancy.
  • CA firms: SAP for CA employed in various CA firms shall also opt for SAP accounting training and SAP FICO training as it would help them to move along with the growing technology and give them an edge over the newly produced chartered accountants as these employees would have the advantage of experience and technology.

Cridor is one of the finest institutes in Delhi NCR that provides high standard digital marketing and SAP course.

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