Requirement/Need of SAP for CA Professionals


Nowadays SAP is a very popular ERP tool and in all big companies SAP is implemented or it will be implemented very soon. It is a challenge to do audit for a company in which SAP is implemented ,because a Chartered Accountant doesn’t have knowledge of SAP and Client can easily hide information which he doesn’t want to share with the auditor and because of this, his audit is not a successful audit completely.

Other advantage of doing SAP for a CA is that if he is looking to work as a SAP FICO Consultant ,then again there is a huge scope as he/she will acquire strong SAP domain knowledge and as a qualified Chartered Accountant it is an area where he can really use his skills and reach places. Hence if a Chartered Accountant acquires SAP knowledge it will be very beneficial in regards to his or her career aspects and growth.

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