Top 10 Tips to Increase Traffic on Your Website in 2017

For more lead generation and growth hacking you need to get more traffic on your website. So, read these tips to increase traffic on your website till the end. Website is the primary digital source for people to connect with you.

Traffic on website determines the success of your online presence. Website should be well-structured and highly informative. It should make it easier for the users to get all the details about company and products and it should have simple navigations.

Tips To Drive Traffic to Your Website

Content on the website should be very relevant with your business as it’s a medium for your visitors to know everything about your company, team, products, services etc.

Follow these top 10 tips to increase traffic on your Website:

1. Blogging:

Take your blog readers to your website by adding links in the blogs. You can give the URL in the bio or can simply add links of relevant pages in the content itself. This is the most effective way to get more traffic.

2. Social Media Appearance:

Make your social media profiles innovative so that people would like to visit it. People spend a lot of time scrolling through social platforms. You have to be creative and should plan a good strategy to account more leads through social media.

3. Facebook groups:

You can target most of your audience through Facebook. Facebook is on top most and trend setter social media platform.  Be a member of Facebook groups that are related to your business and post daily updates on it. Don’t forget to include link to your website in it.

4. Forum Discussions:

Participate in discussions. Leave comments with website links in the forum discussions that you think are relevant with your business.

5. Long-Tail Keywords:

Keyword optimization and quality of the content remains the most important factor to get more traffic. Make sure that you are coming with content which is up to date, original and the keywords have been optimized perfectly.  Try to use long tail keywords

6. Video Content:

Don’t just stop on sharing readable content; go for some visual content too. Post videos on Youtube and ask your subscribers or viewers to go on provided link for more details.  Make videos that will entertain people at the same time promote your business. You can share these videos on other social media platforms further.

7. Questions and answers:

In addition to participating in forum discussions. You can go to question answers platforms and solve the queries of people by giving answers to their questions which are may be related to your products or services.

8. Website Speed:

Ensure that your website loads rapidly on all types of devices. Make your website mobile friendly as most of the traffic is tracked through smart phones these days.

9. Email-marketing:

Email marketing can be a powerful way, and even a moderately strategic email blast can give significant results in the growth of the traffic. Just make sure that you are not bombarding it and sending every single update through emails.

10. Use Infographics:

You need to get this done from the web designer. Create creative and interesting infographics. Do outreach for links, promote on Pinterest, etc.


To get the significant website traffic you need to be active on all the social media platforms and strategies strong inbound techniques and mingle them with some older hacks. Based on your company size and type of business you can identify the tips to increase traffic on your Website that can be effective.

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips for 2017

Digital Marketing is influential and powerful. It always gives the result if the amount of time and efforts are directed in right direction and with a proper approach. But if anyone is new to digital marketing it can be quite difficult task to know the exact starting point. So what to do for learning digital marketing properly? To answer this question we need to understand why we looking for? & whom we looking for?

There could be different scenario, For example:If your Student & want to get knowledge, or If your Businessmen want to grow your Business or If your Working professional & want to add Digital Skill to upgrade & scale up your career. So if you are new to digital marketing and belongs to any of these 3 categories, it would be wise to go and learn at any of the top digital marketing training institute in your locality.

Digital Marketing Tips

Meanwhile, following are top 10 tips which can be followed if anyone is targeting to improve business via digital marketing.

1. Understand Goals, Use Tactics and Make Strategies:

The very first thing is to decide the goal before going for digital marketing as this is will be the first step or point to prepare strategy for the digital marketing campaign. Running a digital marketing campaign without a clear strategy in place is like setting off on sail without a map and directions. So, prepare a clear and focused plan based on the goals to achieve it in stipulated time. The goal should be real and meaningful.

The next step would be to prepare strategy and use different tactics while planning strategy.

2. Use Social Media to Make a Brand:

The year 2017 and coming years will see a great change in the way where conversation between company to consumer will not be the only way to attract consumers. Consumer to consumer will be more effective and provide big opportunity to improve conversion rates. As now a day’s variety of platforms available like WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter etc. which can be used to engage new or existing customers simultaneously in a quick and interactive way. It also be used to promote and maintain brand value of the product.

3. Mobile Friendly as Mobile Is New UI:

Mobile is getting more and more popularity now a day. The fading away of desktop and laptop devices and increase in popularity of hand held devices clearly indicates that the future rests on Mobile based digital marketing. Hence mobile search and optimization should be one of the top priority for digital marketing. Also, to make sure that the digital marketing is responsive and compatible across a variety of devices. This will the credibility if brand.

4. Inbound Marketing:

Inbound Marketing segment takes the support from social media, webinars, e-books, digital contents, blogs or e- newsletter to boost the number of clicks on links and website and to learn more about its services. This is one of the most popular and effective way for digital marketing. Facebook ads, Google AdWords are the options available on social platforms to boost the digital marketing.

digital marketing Training

5. Improve Content and Update It Daily:

SEO is widely known as Search Engine Optimization and it is the process of improving the content, structure, visibility, ease of access and organization of the site so that it can be indexed correctly by the search engines. It also includes promotional activities to improve the search engine rank of the website. Content management plays an important role to rank the website and the content on the website should be precise and meaningful. Also, the data should be up to date so that consumers can be attracted to the updated info.

6. Website Analytics:

The best of Digital marketing is that its measurable. The traffic on website can not only be increased but it can also be measured that from which reason or area the traffic is coming. So, that the data analytics can be used to analyze the interest of consumer and redirect them to the content accordingly. There are many tools in the market which can be used for web analytics like Google Analytics. The advantage for the business is to measure the return on Investment of the site which will enable to make smart decision based on these data.

7. Increase Visual Content:

In Today’s world, where consumer wants to know in smaller amount of time, creating an engaging content is key. Also, visual marketing is a very effective way of storytelling and it helps to attract more customers and prospects. So, a video from as small as in seconds to maximum in few minutes can be used for digital marketing.Even though the video advertising is not new for social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, but the news of Google entering in this with SERP video advertising will change the whole online advertisement industry.

8. Conversion Rate Optimization:

Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is a known term in digital marketing, it helps to track user behavior on website and identify elements that results in the highest number of conversion. So, digital marketers can use Conversion Rate Optimization instead of allocating a huge amount into advertisement to pipe in more of the existing traffic into sales.

9. Run Contests:

Running different types of contest is one of the most effective way to promote the brand and improve brand value in today’s world. There are various brands in the market which can be taken as example who achieved their goals with the help of different contests. This will help to attract more number of prospects in lesser time and the news of the same can be spread like air with the help of social media.

10.  Be Consistent:

In this competitive world, the one who continuously makes effort will win the race at the end. There may be many ups and downs but the business and strategy for the same should be energized with consistent efforts. This will improve website rating and the brand value. Digital marketing strategy should be accurate in portraying brand, key message and target core audience ensuring synergy with other marketing activities.

So looking for a boost in your sales through digital marketing, Join Cridor, one of the leading digital marketing training institute in Delhi , awarded as one of the Top 10 IT and educational training providers by International Council of Studies.

Top 5 Internet Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Sales in 2017

Marketing is basically the management process or art of moving a product from concept to customer. One’s the price, product and place are decided out of the four P’s of marketing and the last yet the most crucial stage remain to accomplished. And this final aspect of marketing is what actually gives you the edge over your competitors. The final P of marketing, that is the promotion, is what presents and promises an exciting launch of your product in the market.

boost your sales
boost your sales

As digitization is influencing every aspect of our lives, internet marketing has created a niche for itself in the world of marketing. As marketing too is all about targeting and influencing your customers efficiently and positively. In the recent years, the internet marketing has brought about increase in mobile marketing and provided a more personalised form of marketing which creates a better impact on the customers.  Here we present you the 5 most effective internet marketing strategies to boost your sales in 2017.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the latest and most popular form of internet marketing strategy and has been standing amongst the top three trending and most effective internet marketing strategies since last three years. One needs to have a genuine internet marketing strategy in place so as to excel in content marketing in order to meet your goals and improving outcomes.

  1. Mobile Marketing

As per stastista, the statistics portal, India has about 340.2 million smartphone users and are rapidly increasing in number. Also most of the smartphone users are in habit of keeping their cell phones close to them. Hence, cell phones act as the most efficient and convenient mode of marketing these days. SMS, in-app messaging, mobile optimized websites, mobile advertising and other forms of mobile-centric marketing are the best way whether you run a small business or a large business

  1. Social Advertising

Another trend that has seen a rapid growth is that of social advertising. Social advertising is the next most used platform by every consumer. It connects people who come from different strata of society and also people with different need. Also it lets you connect directly to your potential customers. Making this mode of internet marketing much efficient

  1. Website Personalization

It offers your customers with special treatment, helping the customer to identify you differently from the other business. Companies are focusing their efforts on intelligent marketing tactics that use big data stores to advertise to customers on an individual basis. This includes users suggested products, information or other navigational choices based on the habits or preferences of the user.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Put a good show to get a good sale is the doctrine applicable to the internet marketing strategy used in search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the process of maximising the number of visitors on a particular site by enhancing the visibility of the sites.

Overall, with the increase in digitization, the scope of internet marketing only seems ever-widening. Also expertise in the field of internet marketing would further help your business to effectively market your products over internet. So do you want to increase your sales or looking to expand your startup, then do Join Cridor, one of the best digital marketing training institute in Delhi to learn effective internet marketing strategies to boost your sales in 2017.