10 Things That Make Your Online Presence Look Less Professional

Making the right impression through digital presence is not that easy as it seems. You have be extremely careful about the ideas and choices while posting anything on the social or digital platforms.

To help you make a good impression on every online customer, we have listed out the ten common mistakes that make your online presence look less professional. Read the blog and avoid making such errors in future.

1. Sharing unprofessional pictures:

Sometimes we upload pictures that doesn’t suit the business ethics on social media. Be very careful about what kind of pictures you are sharing on digital platforms.

2. A lot of advertising:

Just talking about your product and services on online platform will make your fans or followers loose interest and they are likely to unfollow you. So give them something more than only advertisements.


3. Sharing personal views:

Your business account is not a right platform to talk about your personal political or religious views. You might unintentionally hurt feelings of your potential customers.

4. Grammatical errors:

The content should be grammatically correct and it should make sense. You can make use of online proof-reading tools to make sure that there are no mistakes. Give appropriate statistics to justify your content.

5. Personal email address in the business website:

Many people add their personal email address in their business website. Sending an email to the customers from a personal email address might give them a wrong message.

6. Unanswered reviews and comment:

If you do not respond to the people’s comments about your company, product or service can leave a negative impact on them as well as on the new visitors too.

7. Incorrect local listings:

If your website contains incorrect local listings including online profile that contains business name, address, phone number, and other details. Such things give wrong message to the consumers and they are not likely to opt that company.

8. Old information:

In the same vein as your local listings, having outdated or inaccurate information on your website is highly not recommended.

9.Your website doesn’t work well on mobiles:

A large number of internet users use mobiles to access the websites. If your website is not mobile-optimized they would just go for some another option.

10. Low quality images:

Blur and poor quality images will not make the visitors stay longer on your website. Keep your website visitors and social media followers involved by using high-quality images in your online marketing.

In summary:

Your digital presence is pivotal part of the growth of your business. Keep these mistakes in mind and avoid making them as you establish your business on online platforms.

If you do not do these errors it will be very much beneficial to your business in order to stand out in the list of your competitors, spread your brand awareness and to attain significant conversions.

So if you are an active digital media user and you want to make your digital profile look truly professional, just keep your profile updated as discussed above.  To know more about digital marketing and other similar tips follow our blog at Cridor – one of the best digital marketing training institute in Delhi , awarded as one of the Top 10 IT and educational Training Providers by International Council of Studies for Second Consecutive Year.