Top 10 Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Digital marketing jobs has an ever widening scope in today’s business market where you must creatively move forward with the needs of fast changing customers. Digital marketing jobs has gained significance in a very short span of time as it is fast, cheap and effective mode of marketing. Digital marketing jobs are on the spur as it lets you discover other forms of marketing techniques besides the traditional modes of marketing like print, radio and television. Before you go for a digital marketing job, you must stay aware of all the possible digital marketing interview questions that might be put up before you, whether you are applying for a digital marketing freshers job or digital marketing executive. For a digital marketing interview question and answer interview session, you must prepare all the possible knowledge based, commonly asked and personalised digital marketing questions and answers. Here is a list of digital marketing questions for freshers to crack that digital marketing job.

digital marketing interview questions

1) Explain what is digital marketing?

This is one of the most common questions for every digital marketing job. You may explain Digital marketing as a brand marketing tactic through internet. It includes various techniques like SEO, SEM and link building.

2) How can you categorize the digital marketing?

The digital marketing/communication is categorized into two segments

  • Inbound Marketing: This technique takes the help of social media, digital content in e-books, webinars or e-newsletter to increase the number of clicks on links and learn more about a company and its services.
  • Outbound Marketing: This segment includes placing ads, cold-calls, e-mails or reach out potential customers through digital mediums

3) Explain what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization widely known as SEO is the process of improving the structure, content and organization of your site, so that the Search engines can index them correctly. It also involves doing promotional activities to boost your search engine rank.

4) Explain what is a keyword in digital marketing? How important is it from the point of SEO?

“Keyword” in digital marketing is the word that a user’s or person enters into a search engine to find specific information.

From SEO point of view, for better page ranking keywords are very crucial. How and where you have used the keywords will reflect your site ranking.

5) Mention what are the key areas where you can use keywords to optimize the site ranking?

For better page ranking, you must use the keywords in following areas

  • Keyword in Website URL
  • Keyword in Website Title
  • Keyword in Meta tag
  • Keyword in Web page content
  • Keyword density in body text
  • Keywords in Headlines

6) Explain what is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is the single most popular PPC advertising system in the world.   It works on Pay per click model.

The AdWords platform enables the business to create ads that appear on Google search engine and their other properties.

Models of Adwords-

  1. Search ads
  2. Display ads
  3. Video ads
  4. App Ads

7) What is difference between Direct Marketing and Branding?

In Direct marketing campaign company focus on the Direct channel which connect to their targeted Group of customer. Which includes search ads, display ads & ads with proper re-marketing.

Branding company needs to focus on reach  with the maximum no of people to create the awareness of its product.

8)How do you use social media as a tool for customer service?

Social media is great tool for customer service since you can converse with customer directly.

Use analytics for their respond & find influencer for interaction.

9) How do you measure the social media ROI?

We have the feature of social media such as “Like,Share, Comment” & along with their own page & account insights which provides the changes in behavior of consumer while running a campaign.

10)Where do you see yourself in Digital Marketing Field down the line 5yrs?

I want to be in the top management of the company where my digital marketing strategy would contribute to company’s success .

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