GST Integration with SAP for CA

The good and services tax is the newest taxation term in India. GST was brought in market to make the tax administration system less complicated as well as to keep it assess-friendly. To ensure the proper working of GST, there should be some strong platform that would keep the business flow undisturbed.

GST SAP Implementation

Buying online GST accounting software instead of ERP software can be good decision as the ERP software may or may not be GST compliant. It might just provide the rigid package and not the business management software including all the modules

The software that you are buying for should be GST ready. The software that generates extra functions along with its modules also keeps the track of profit and loss and ultimately helps you to take the right decision to earn more profit.

What is SAP?

SAP is ERP software that stands for System applications and products in data processing. SAP integrates the modules for GST and is widely popular in the field of business. SAP has access over following areas:

  • Estimating the production.
  • SalesSector.
  • Customers Records.
  • Inventory Planning
  • Finance Management
  • HR Services
  • Shop floor extension

It manages various departments and business units which are needed to be communicated with each other consistently. SAP provides uninterrupted communication between all the departments and ensures the better workflow.

The localized SAP GST software are designed to give organizations a way to reform the business flow easily by providing the following features:

  • A common infrastructure for managing the documents and files and the other services related to the organization of documents as per Central and State Government guidelines
  • Interfaces that are efficient and user friendly for the tax payers as well as for the tax administrators
  • Facilitating, implementing and executing basics for providing common GST solution for corporates
  • Enriching and enabling the SAP ecosystem in India to manage the transition effectively

GST software has been designed to make the real-life applications effective.

  • Beneficial for CA, Tax consultant as they can manage unlimited number of customers.
  • All the invoices can be uploaded in a single session.
  • Returns can be filled up in a single click.
  • It generates and organizes the invoices automatically.
  • In future the mobile applications will be launched.
  • CA Assisted plans with the guidance of experts.
  • The software can be connected to the tally or any other accounting software.
  • No need of any other ERP software as all the modules has been integrated in it.


The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is undoubtedly the most significant reformation of the Indian tax administration system. It will be effective from JULY 1 2017 and will have numerous effects on the business world of India. Although GST will assure the improvement in the business environment, it needs organizations to keep their house in order first. Technology will be the most important factor in this transformation and will interfere broadly in the cover the compliance and growth of the productivity.

The introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India,will bring in a advancement in the system of tax compliance, upgrading from filing of tax reports to a model-based on data communication between the assesse and the GST Network (GSTN) organization.

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