Search Engine Marketing Trends in 2017 & Beyond

Online marketing is becoming very competitive. Every small and big business is going digital and digital marketing trends and Search Engine Marketing Trends are changing constantly. You need to plan some really good strategies to stay ahead in this competition.

Search engine marketing is one of the internet marketing strategies which refer to the paid advertising that appears in the search engine result pages (SERP). There are thousands of other businesses that are competing with you to get place in the SERP advertisements. You need to follow the trends with accuracy to be the number 1 of all.

SEM Trends 2017

2017 has brought in a lot of new digital marketing techniques that has changed the trends; here are some Search Engine Marketing Trends,

Voice Search: Search engine’s new feature of voice detection is in the fashion. Identify your voice searches and text searches and work according to that.

Native search: Native Ads will surely ensure the ease in being on the top. With some really good content and keyword optimization you can be ahead in the competition.

Mobile Marketing: Plan your mobile specific marketing strategies properly. Most of the searches are done through mobiles. Make sure your mobile campaigns are full-fledged.

Video Content: Keywords will be always important but visuals are becoming more popular these days. Make strong video content. Videos are more result oriented than text ads in terms of conversion rate and engagement.

Alternative platforms: Google is the most used search engine but there should be something more than Google Adwards for SEM. Other platforms like Bing Ads should come in practice in 2017. Bing is still an optional platform in India.

These Search Engine Marketing Trends will dominate digital marketing strategies in 2017 and after that too. Make sure that you are having good practices of all these.

Inbound marketing trends are helpful in increasing the efficiency of search engine marketing. You need to be active in practicing all other inbound marketing techniques such as social media, blogging etc. to get more search engine marketing.

The ad auction process takes place every single time someone enters a search query into Google.To get into the ad auction, marketers determine the keywords that they want to bid on, and decide their budget for the campaign and amount that they are ready to spend per click so that their ads will show up alongside results relating to entered keywords. If Google identifies that the keywords you are bidding for contained within a user’s search query, your ads are entered into the ad auction.


The misconception about search engine marketing strategies is that the organization that has largest advertising budget will win. It is true to some extent and can be beneficial in some cases, like when you are bidding for highly competitive keywords, but it is not enough to get success in search engine marketing.

You need to follow all other Search Engine Marketing Trends to win in the auction as the auction is the mandatory one of the all processes to appear in the paid campaigns results.

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